In the few recent years, there’s been an outbreak of the LED technology on the screen technology market. Those have vast amounts of advantages over our old LCD and plasma screens and I’ll be going over them shortly. The point of this article is to compare the two technologies that are the ones mostly used in screen market nowadays, as it will make you more informed on the subject and allow for unbiased choice of your new TV or gaming monitor, whatever you might need in the near future. Enjoy!

Let’s start with technology talk – LED screens use LCD technology too, surprise! They both utilize the liquid crystal display (LCD) panel to control the flow of light, directly impacting where on your screen it’s being displayed. To simplify it even further, there’s a layer of liquid between two polarizing sheets, and an electric current makes the crystal align in a certain way – think of like trapdoors, deciding if light goes through. Now, the real difference starts when we talk about the backlighting – there are cathode lamps used in the “LCDs” screens, while the light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are used in LED monitors.

The benefits of the newer technology screens are countless – not only the use less power than their older siblings, but also provide a better contrast and black levels. This is resulted by something called local dimming, which allows the screen to only turn the required diodes on, unlike in the LCD ones, where all of them have to be turned on to provide even backlighting. This results in dark scenes, for example in space, to seem real and “just right”.

What does it all come down to? Money, as always. If you can afford a LED-backlit HD monitor, it is the right decision to get one for your home, but if you can’t justify spending money on a high-end one, it may be a better option to go for a pimped-out LCD one, because, in most of the cases, it will be better than low-tier LED one.

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